Jan 2005 – District Rotaract Representative talked to Northfield Roatary President-elect about his interest in program.


April 2005 – The idea was brought before the Northfield Rotary board and approved.


May 2005 – A Northfield Rotarian was choosen to be the liaison between the Northfield Rotary Club and the Cannon Valley Rotaract.


Aug 2005 – A core group met including the Northfield club director, district governor, Northfield club president, and a potential Rotaract member/organizer.


September 2005 – Rotaract program idea was presented to Rotary club


October 2005 – Informational meetings with potential Rotaract members occurred, visited TC Rotaract club.


November 2005 – June 2006 – Cannon Valley Rotaract met twice a month.  Lots of planning and ideas.  Set groundwork for the club.  Lots of work.  Started activities such as community service activities and social activities.


June 2006 – We chartered and held a program and party with lots of socializing. 


July 2006 – April 2007 – Still getting structure club in place and learning as we go along. 

June 2007 – We celebrated our first anniversary.


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